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Godkar Book Mlt Pdf 18l

Godkar Book Mlt Pdf 18l - A Review of the Textbook of Medical Laboratory Technology

If you are looking for a comprehensive and updated reference book for medical laboratory technology, you might want to check out the Godkar Book Mlt Pdf 18l. This is a two-volume set of the third edition of the Textbook of Medical Laboratory Technology by Praful B. Godkar and Darshan P. Godkar, published by Bhalani Publishing House in 2021. This book covers various topics in clinical biochemistry, clinical microbiology, hematology, molecular biology and cytogenetics, histopathology and cytogenetic techniques. It also includes several images, tables, case studies, summaries, and quality control chapters to enhance the learning and understanding of the subject matter.


The Godkar Book Mlt Pdf 18l is a revised reprint of the second edition, which was published in 2003. The authors have updated and modified some of the hematological and biochemical procedures, as well as added new chapters on AIDS, automation, and environmental biochemistry. The book also incorporates the latest technologies and techniques in medical laboratory diagnostics, such as PCR and flow cytometry. The book is designed for undergraduate students of medicine, biotechnology, and molecular biology, as well as technical staff, postgraduates, and practitioners in the field of medical laboratory technology.

The Godkar Book Mlt Pdf 18l is available online from various sources, such as Google Books, Goodreads, and Aibh. You can download the PDF version of the book or order the paperback version from these websites. The book is priced at Rs. 2550 on Aibh, which offers a 22.61% discount from the original price of Rs. 3295. You can also get an additional 2% off by using the promo code PROMOTEAIBH2 on Aibh. The book has received positive reviews from readers on Goodreads, who have rated it 4.9 out of 5 stars.

The Godkar Book Mlt Pdf 18l is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about medical laboratory technology. It provides a comprehensive and updated overview of the theory and practice of various laboratory procedures and techniques. It also helps students to understand the pathophysiology of certain clinical diseases in light of diverse laboratory findings. The book is written in a clear and concise language, with ample illustrations and examples to facilitate learning. The book is suitable for both academic and professional purposes, as it covers both basic and advanced topics in medical laboratory technology.


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