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Seeds Of Chaos Console Commands

Seeds of Chaos Console Commands: How to Cheat Your Way to Victory

Seeds of Chaos is a dark fantasy eroge game that features a nonlinear story, RPG elements, and strategic gameplay. You play as Rowan, a former hero who is forced to serve the demon lord Rhyvka. Your choices will shape the fate of yourself, your companions, and the world of Erisia.

If you want to spice up your gameplay or unlock some hidden content, you can use console commands to cheat your way to victory. Console commands are special codes that you can enter in the game to modify various aspects of the game, such as your stats, resources, and events. However, console commands are not enabled by default, so you will need to follow some steps to activate them.

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How to Enable Console Commands

To enable console commands, you will need to edit a file in the game's directory. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Find the file "00Console.RPY" in the game's directory. The path should be something like this: Directory\\seeds-of-chaos\\renpy\\common

  • Open 00Console.RPY with a text editor like Notepad.

  • Find the line that says "config.console = False" (you can use CTRL+F to search for it).

  • Replace "False" with "True" (make sure to use a capital T).

  • Save the changes and close the file.

Now that you have enabled console commands, you can use them in the game. To open the console, press Shift + O while playing. You can then enter any of the commands listed below and press Enter to execute them.

List of Console Commands

Here are some of the most useful console commands for Seeds of Chaos. You can replace "x" with any number you want.

  • = x: Sets your gold amount to x.

  • avatar.exp = x: Sets your experience amount to x.

  • castle.coffers = x: Sets your castle's coffers amount to x.

  • castle.training_coffers = x: Sets your castle's training coffers amount to x.

  • = x: Sets your castle's supplies amount to x.

  • castle.peasants = x: Sets your castle's peasants amount to x.

  • castle.soldiers = x: Sets your castle's soldiers amount to x.

  • castle.morale = x: Sets your castle's morale amount to x.

  • castle.unrest = x: Sets your castle's unrest amount to x.

  • castle.rp = x: Sets your castle's resource points amount to x.

  • castle.dp = x: Sets your castle's defense points amount to x.

  • alexia.[attribute] = x: Sets Alexia's attribute value to x. You can replace [attribute] with any of these: corruption, loyalty, love, lust, obedience, or purity.

These are just some of the console commands available in Seeds of Chaos. You can experiment with other commands and see what they do. However, be careful not to break the game or ruin your enjoyment by using too many cheats. Use them at your own risk and discretion.


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