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RA Beauty Retouch Panel V3.0 Pixel Juggler For Photoshop CS6 - CC 2015 42

RA Beauty Retouch Panel v3.0 Pixel Juggler for Photoshop CS6 - CC 2015 42

If you are a professional or aspiring beauty retoucher, you might have heard of the RA Beauty Retouch Panel, a Photoshop extension that helps you speed up your workflow and achieve high-quality results. The RA Beauty Retouch Panel v3.0 is the latest version of this popular tool, which comes with a lot of new features and improvements. In this article, we will review some of the main benefits of using the RA Beauty Retouch Panel v3.0 and its companion panel, the Pixel Juggler v2.0, which are compatible with Photoshop CS6 to CC 2015 42.

What is the RA Beauty Retouch Panel?

The RA Beauty Retouch Panel is a collection of scripts and buttons that automate and simplify some of the most common and tedious tasks in beauty retouching. The panel is divided into three sections: Basic Retouch, Fine Retouch, and Export. Each section contains a number of tools that are designed to help you with different aspects of your retouching process, such as skin smoothing, frequency separation, dodge and burn, color correction, sharpening, and more. The panel also includes a User Manual that explains how to use each tool and provides tips and best practices for optimal results.


What is new in the RA Beauty Retouch Panel v3.0?

The RA Beauty Retouch Panel v3.0 is a major update that introduces several new features and enhancements to the previous version. Some of the most notable changes are:

  • A new installer that makes the installation process easier and faster.

  • A new Magic Eyes script that improves the eyes of your subject without increasing the file size too much.

  • A new Turn Off All Layers button that allows you to quickly compare your retouched image with the original one.

  • A new Custom Actions section that lets you add your own actions to the panel and assign keyboard shortcuts to them.

  • A new User Manual that covers all the new features and provides more detailed instructions and examples.

What is the Pixel Juggler?

The Pixel Juggler is a complementary panel that works together with the RA Beauty Retouch Panel. The Pixel Juggler provides easy access to some of the frequently used Photoshop functions that are usually hidden in various menus, such as flipping horizontal or vertical, rotating 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise, creating a stamp visible layer, filling with foreground or background color, and more. The Pixel Juggler also includes a few simple scripts and tools that enhance the functionality of the RA Beauty Retouch Panel, such as creating a blank layer with a custom name, applying a Gaussian blur to a layer mask, or selecting skin tones with one click.

How to get the RA Beauty Retouch Panel v3.0 Pixel Juggler for Photoshop CS6 - CC 2015 42?

If you are interested in getting the RA Beauty Retouch Panel v3.0 Pixel Juggler for Photoshop CS6 - CC 2015 42, you can purchase it from the [Retouching Academy Lab website]. The price is $69 for both panels, which is a great value considering the amount of time and effort you can save with these tools. Once you purchase the panels, you will receive an email with a link to download the installation files and your license key. You will also be able to access your Member Area on the website, where you can find additional resources and support.

To install the panels, you will need to unzip the downloaded package and follow the instructions in the READ ME FIRST.pdf file. You can also watch this [video tutorial] that shows you how to install the panels using the new installer. If you have any issues or questions during or after the installation process, you can visit the [FAQ page] on the website or submit a [support ticket].


The RA Beauty Retouch Panel v3.0 Pixel Juggler for Photoshop CS6 - CC 2015 42 is a powerful and versatile toolset that can help you improve your beauty retouching skills and efficiency. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find these panels useful and easy to use. The panels are compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and support multiple languages. If you want to take your beauty retouching to the next level, you should definitely give the RA Beauty Retouch Panel v3.0 Pixel Juggler for Photoshop CS6 - CC 2015 42 a try.


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