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Happy Scientist


R+D CAMPUS is a social enterprise that serves as a central hub for promising start-ups in the life sciences and biotechnology. Located in Reinach Baselland, R+D CAMPUS offers over 700 m2 of furnished and equipped laboratory and office space for start-ups and researchers, supporting them from the initial ideation phase. In addition, we aim to promote a sustainable and inclusive biotech ecosystem by creating co-labs and private labs with shared resources. This helps startups overcome funding challenges during their crucial first four years.

R+D Campus was created with a different goal in mind than simply creating another workspace. Its purpose is to foster curiosity and cultivate an environment where scientific innovation can thrive, free from hierarchical and bureaucratic barriers. Supporting high-impact scientific endeavour is at the heart of our mission.  


Embarking on the path of establishing a biotech company is a challenging undertaking. It requires a significant allocation of limited resources, including skilled personnel and financial capital, to drive scientific breakthroughs and build a thriving enterprise. However, we strongly believe that the initial funding, time, and effort should not be invested in constructing a laboratory infrastructure. Engaging in supplier negotiations, navigating lengthy equipment procurement processes, obtaining necessary permits, shouldering financial risks tied to long-term leases, and handling various other tasks should not detract us from focusing on scientific advancements and business expansion.

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